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Heather and Kelsey's Oregon Coast Engagement Session | Oregon Wedding Photographe

When you first meet Heather and Kelsey, you can immediately tell that they’ve been through a lot together. Not because they tell you about it, but because of the way they look at each other and support each other with every little movement. As I learned while we talked throughout our session, they do have a crazy story that involves ups and

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Alexa and Nate's Fall Brooklyn Engagement Session | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer | Madeline Rose Photography Co.

These two are originally from New Hampshire­ although when Alexa had a last minute opportunity to move to New York for a job, they made the bold choice to move together and make it work. ­ That’s love guys!! They live in Brooklyn with their sweet kitty, Chickpea, and have spent the last two years falling in love with New York together.

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Kiki and Michael's Autumn Walden Pond Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer

Kiki and Michael first introduced themselves to me as makers, and I was immediately hooked.­ As an artist, I live for hearing other artists talk about their craft­ and I’m particularly obsessed with Kiki’s modern handmade jewelry and pottery. I’m also obsessed with Kiki’s salt and pepper diamond ring, which they are the first to introduce me to.

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