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Nicolette and Joseph's PNW Waterfall Honeymoon Session | Latourell Falls Oregon | PNW Wedding Photographe

Nicolette and Joseph reached out on Instagram asking if I could document their PNW honeymoon and I might have squealed out loud in actual excitement. You might think that I mistyped. That I meant engagement session but no, I typed correctly. Everyone sees the benefit of engagement photos and knows why you need to have your wedding documented, but the honeymoon is often left behind even though it is just as much of an investment and something you’ve been planning and looking forward to.

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Heather and Kelsey's Oregon Coast Engagement Session | Oregon Wedding Photographe

When you first meet Heather and Kelsey, you can immediately tell that they’ve been through a lot together. Not because they tell you about it, but because of the way they look at each other and support each other with every little movement. As I learned while we talked throughout our session, they do have a crazy story that involves ups and

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Alexa and Nate's Fall Brooklyn Engagement Session | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer | Madeline Rose Photography Co.

These two are originally from New Hampshire­ although when Alexa had a last minute opportunity to move to New York for a job, they made the bold choice to move together and make it work. ­ That’s love guys!! They live in Brooklyn with their sweet kitty, Chickpea, and have spent the last two years falling in love with New York together.

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