Bethany and David's Beachy Cape Cod Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


"Let's do engagement photos in April, it will definitely be warm by then!" - An overly optimistic, and very wrong, Mads.

Although it was NOT warm (I was still wearing my winter parka during this session) I still had a blast exploring The Knob in Wood's Hole with Bethany and David on Saturday. This is where David proposed to Bethany over the Thanksgiving holiday, so we got to totally relive the day-- from the planning, the nervous excitement, and the relief and celebration that they could spend the holidays together as FIANCÉS! I hadn't been to The Knob before, but loved the woodsy trails that led you out to the rocky peninsula and it's small, sweet beaches. We saw a few green leaves and blooming daffodils, so *real* spring has to be right around the corner, right?! We played music on the beach, toasted their engagement, and even all got in the water by the end. Because no matter how cold it is, once we stubborn and impatient New Englanders have decided it's spring, we are STICKING TO THAT DECISION Y'ALL.

David and Bethany, you're total champs for braving the wind and the cold! You've totally earned  an easy, warm day for your wedding this summer. I loved how excited you were to share this special place with me, and I can easily see why you love it there so much. The way you look at each other is like there's no one else in the room (or on the beach) and every word you spoke was filled with love and caring. I can't wait to celebrate your big day at the Aldrich Mansion in June, partly because it has to actually be warm for real by then right?! Cheers to you two and your everlasting love, no matter the weather.