Mary-Kate and Derek's Downtown Portland Maine Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


My name is Mads and I LOVE trains. Especially Amtrak. I could take the Acela from Boston to New York and back, not even get off, and still have the best day ever. Maybe it's because growing up in Virginia I didn't know anyone who actually used trains as a form of transportation, or maybe it's because I didn't have a car for the first seven years I lived in Boston, but there's something exciting and romantic about traveling by train. So when Mary-Kate suggested I take the train up to Portland, Maine for hers and Derek's engagement session, I immediately jumped on the idea! In my opinion, Portland, Maine is one of the most charming cities in North America and is only a 2.5 hour train ride north of Boston. It's also where Mary-Kate and Derek met, got their first apartment, and fell in love. 

By a stroke of amazing luck, when these two moved to Boston for Derek to attend Harvard Business School, one of their friends moved into their downtown Portland apartment and still lives there now! So we started off the day by popping a bottle of champagne and hanging out in their old apartment. The couch they first bought together is still in that apartment, so it was really magical to step back in time and talk about what it was like to first move in together. From there we headed next door to the bar where they had the first date, we even sat on the same stools in the corner of the bar. The rest of the afternoon was a blur of some of the best food, drinks, and adventures I've ever had. We even snuck out onto one of the fishing piers and examined the lobster boats, taking a few photos their as a nod to Derek's family who lives in Maine and still work in the lobster trade. We were having so much fun, I ALMOST didn't mind the smell of the bait barrels. Almost. With a stop at Eventide and a short drive to the Portland Headlight, we even managed to avoid the rain all day. 

Mary-Kate and Derek, you have nearly convinced me that I need to move to Portland. I loved seeing it through your eyes and visiting all of your favorite spots. even though I tragically left my donut from the Holy Donut in your car. Just another reason to all go back, right? I can't wait for your February wedding in Boston next year!!! It's going to be cozy and bright and intimate and epic all at once.


Madeline Heising