Nicolette and Joseph's PNW Waterfall Honeymoon Session | Latourell Falls Oregon | PNW Wedding Photographe

Nicolette and Joseph reached out on Instagram asking if I could document their PNW honeymoon and I actually squealed out loud in excitement. Maybe you think that I mistyped “honeymoon” and that I meant “engagement session” but no, I typed correctly y’all. Everyone knows the benefit of engagement photos and knows why you need to have your wedding documented, but the honeymoon is often left behind even though it is JUST as much of an investment and something you’ve been planning and looking forward to!!! 

Need more reasons to do a honeymoon photoshoot? A honeymoon session showcases a new location very different from your home or wedding, plus it documents how dang excited you are after the stress of a wedding is over and your’e FINALLY husband and freaking wife! Your wedding is one day, but your honeymoon is often a week or more and it deserves more than a few iPhone selfies!

We decided to have Nicolette and Joseph’s honeymoon session at Latourell Falls in the gorge, which has a great upper fall if you want to hike a bit, and a gorgeous lower fall that’s only a few minutes from the parking lot. We stuck to the lower Latourell Fall, and had the best time navigating slippery rocks, getting sprayed by the cool refreshing water, and popping champagne to celebrate these two tying the knot. These two really knew what they were doing and I could not have been happier with Nicolette’s mustard dress. Best color ever. And hey Joseph, you looked pretty damn handsome too.

So holler at your girl for your PNW honeymoon session!!