Callyn and Jesse's Portland, Maine Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


The high temperature in Portland, Maine on Saturday was 23 degrees and the low was a measly 2, but that didn't deter Callyn and Jesse one bit. This season I've found myself saying time and time again how thankful I am for being blessed with adventurous couples, but Callyn and Jesse really took it to a whole new level. After grabbing coffee at my favorite spot, Tandem, we headed south to the Portland Head Light for their mini engagement session. 

I don't usually recommend mini sessions for engagements-- those sessions are all about us taking the time to get to know each other, go on an adventure, and get used to the camera being around. The goal is to make your wedding photos comfortable, seamless, and a fun part of the day! But Callyn and Jesse get to be the exception because................drum roll please................ THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED IN MEXICO NEXT MONTH! That's right, in just a few weeks we'll all be sunshine-bound (bye slushy New England!!) for their wedding in paradise. We've got plenty of sessions planned before wedding (snorkeling AND a trimaran excursion-- someone pinch me I have to be dreaming!) so this mini session was more of a bonus on top of our planned one-month check in. 

I took the train up from Boston, which honestly was enough of an adventure for me all on its own. I love trains and would ride them all day long if I could. Jesse is stationed way up north in Maine for the Coast Guard, so they made the long drive down to Portland for the weekend. If anyone is unfamiliar with Maine, just know that it's always much bigger than you think it is. Callyn is a Maine native though, so she came prepared with wool blankets, snow boots, and even a hand-knot snoodie from her soon to be mother-in-law. If you don't know what a snoodie is, just scroll down, and it's genius will be revealed to you.

Callyn and Jesse, if we could have this much fun in a frozen tundra, I can only dream what your wedding week will be like in Puerto Vallarta. It's a privilege to be a part of a wedding, but I especially can't wait to get to know all of your family and friends during our stay in paradise. Cheers to your last weeks as an engaged couple, and I'LL SEE Y'ALL IN MEXICO!


Madeline Heising