Abby and Kaleb's Winter Beach Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


On the drive to my favorite Singing Beach, I bonded with Abby and Kaleb over neighborhood pig roasts, saying "y'all", and the perfect creature that is their Bernese Mountain Dog, Raylee. Turns out we're all Boston transplants by the way of the south. Now hear me out y'all! I know Virginia and North Carolina don't seem like very southern states when you look at a map, but did you hear me say that we bonded over PIG ROASTS? Don't try to tell us we're mid-atlantic. *insert talk-to-the-hand emojii*

Now that we've established our southern roots, I should mention that Abby and Kaleb JUST moved to Boston a few months ago while I've made New England my home over the last eight years. Since they're getting married in the mountains in North Carolina, they wanted to find a contrasting location for their engagement photos. If I recall our emails correctly, the mood we were aiming for was "We moved, and it's cold here." Singing Beach immediately came to mind-- it's full of rock formations, tall trees, and is dog-friendly in the winter for Raylee. 

New England was kind to Abby and Kaleb, and decided to warm up into the 40's this day. Keep in mind January can reach the negative temps, not even considering wind chill, so this was a true blessing. We scaled the rocks, Raylee besting all of us, and soaked in the charming views of Manchester-by-the-Sea. I'm glad Abby and Kaleb brought a blanket though, because it was still chilly when the wind started gusting. 

After a champagne toast, we literally threw caution to the wind and ran into the surf for our last few shots before the sun fully set. We might not have been able to feel our feet afterwards (the air was warm, the water was not) but the Malibu-vibe photos were more than worth it. 

Abby and Kaleb, consider this your official welcome to New England! I'm so happy our paths crossed, and can't wait to see how your North Carolina wedding comes together. 


PS - Let me know if you ever need anyone to dog sit Raylee.

Madeline Heising