Theresa and Kyle's Woodsy Mini Portrait Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


"Trust me, it's off the side of the road over here."

That's how every couple wants to start a session, right? Well, I had just spotted what appeared to be a temporary lumber yard of the side of the road near the Arnold Arboretum, and I was dying to do some exploring and bring back those childhood memories of seeing who could climb the highest just for the fun of it. Lucky for me, Theresa and Kyle indulged my crazy idea and it was totally worth it. I'm still not quite sure what we stumbled upon, but will never pass up a pile of logs covered in fresh snow.

Running around the Arnold Arboretum will never get old, but this fluke warm day in January made it even better than usual. I loved chasing the sunset with these two CAN'T WAIT to journey up to Acadia National Park this summer with them for their full adventure session-- it's going to be a weekend to remember with Theresa and Kyle :)

Madeline Heising