Nicole and Tyler's Fall Brooklyn Engagement Session | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer | Madeline Rose Photography Co.

Moody Fall Brooklyn Engagement Session | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer | Madeline Rose Photography Co.

The first thing you should know is that Tyler is a cop, so we had EXCELLENT parking for this engagement session….and it was Brooklyn so it was even better. The second thing you should know is that Nicole ROCKED a white jumpsuit for her engagement session and I can’t stop talking about it.

While we didn’t get to shut down the Brooklyn Bridge like I had desperately hoped for, we did manage to fit in exploring Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Dumbo all in one jam-­packed, adventure-­filled afternoon.­ It’s really important to me that engagement sessions are less about taking photos and they’re more about having a great time with your love, so I always suggest brainstorming ideas by starting with what you two would do together if you had a day off­. This time should be about you, what you enjoy and have that documented during your engagement session.

For an engagement session in Brooklyn, especially on a warm November day, the obvious answer is to visit great food, grab all the coffee, and sip something at the drink spots while taking in the architecture, murals, and bustle all around you (aka people watch).

We started out in Greenpoint where went to Transmitter State Park for an epic view of the Williamsburg bridge and Manhattan skyline.­ Then we ventured into Greenpoint to find a few of Nicole and Tyler’s favorite murals.­ After some more exploring, we drove down to Dumbo, and of course had to grab a shot of the iconic shot of the Manhattan Bridge before wandering down Brooklyn Bridge Park, wrapping up with a beautiful blue hour by the water.

Nicole and Tyler you are so incredibly fun, spontaneous and sweet. It was clear how much you cherish time together, and really make the most of every minute together. Loved you deep belly laughs while telling the kind of stories you can’t get through because you’re laughing too hard­. I love that we could add some variety of your photos. You will have the urban Brooklyn engagement photos with your Massachusetts North Shore wedding. You two kids are gold, this I know!