Noosha and Brian's Duxbury Beach Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


When I met Noosha and Brian at their Duxbury home, I was greeted with three things:

1) Their labradoodle, Dunkin'
2) Coffee with just almond milk, just the way I like it
3) Pumpkin cake, with whipped cream and candied pecans

I couldn't have dreamed up a better combination if you asked me to! When it was time to head to Duxbury Beach, I actually had a hard time getting up off the kitchen stool and out the door-- I just wanted to soak in the coziness of their new home together and listen to stories about when they first met, their adventures in Colorado, and the joys and pitfalls of home ownership all while scratching Dunkin' behind is furry ears. These were my kind of people.

Noosha and Brian, when I drove back to Boston my face actually hurt from smiling so much. Your love is wild and adventurous and free-spirited, and it was so special to document. I loved running along the rocks with you two, even though it meant an embarrassing slip and fall for me-- you can't take me anywhere. While the entire session was full of laughter, wind, and piggyback rides, my favorite moment by far was when we through all caution to the wind and waded out into the water. Going all in is always worth it. 

Thank you for choosing me to be a part of this special time together, I loved contributing to your grand adventure.


Madeline HeisingDuxbury, MA