Sophia And Gabriel's Fairytale Savannah Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer


The moss dangled low on the oak trees, falling all the way to the white sand road. The breeze was slight, just enough to make the branches sway and allow the light to sparkle over the spiral of chairs assembled on Dunham Farms. The vows recited and rings exchanged, Sophia and Gabriel were officially husband and wife. And while their guests cheered them on as took to the dance floor later that evening, I knew a secret. That wasn't their first dance. No, their first dance happened in the meadow earlier in the evening. As their friends and family made their way from the ceremony through the garden, I turned to see Gabriel twirling Sophia. Holding tightly to his wife's hand, he assured her he wouldn't let go. With no music playing they swayed and stepped, taking in a quiet moment and soaking in their first few minutes of marriage. Sophia and Gabriel's wedding day had no shortage of magical moments, from a spiral-shaped aisle to a white horse and carriage. But for me, the most magical moment of all was seeing Sophia dance with her Prince Charming in the meadow. He was all she needed for her fairytale to come true. 

Gabriel met Sophia on a rooftop. I met Sophia in a Facebook group. Theirs was way more of a meet-cute, but I still like mine and Sophia's story. We both left ours jobs around the same time, and began to shift our passions for photography into a business. In the winter, we both took a course online and joined the Facebook group where students could connect. (Thanks Amy and Jordan!) We admired each other's work and cheered each other on from afar, until the special day when Sophia asked me to photograph her and Gabriel's destination wedding in Savannah, Georgia. Photographing another photographer's wedding is the biggest honor, and as it turns out, super fun. Sophia and I speak the same language, able to communicate about light and composition with a quick glance or an excited look. It made the day go by like a breeze, and I dream about the day Sophia will be able to do the same for me. 

Sophia and Gabriel, I will never be able to say enough how thankful I am to have met you both. Flying to Savannah to document your wedding was a true privilege and an adventure I will never forget. From the moment we met at the airport, you made me feel like I was a part of your family. It was a perfect weekend, from running around Chippewa Square and Forsyth Park to shutting down the dance floor at Live Oak Hall. Walking down those southern pastel streets and popping into Gallery Espresso made it easy for me to see how you fell in love with Savannah, and why you wanted it to be a big part of your love story. The way you and Gabriel care for your friends and family was a joy to see, and something I know will serve you both well in your marriage. Your thoughtfulness knows no bounds. I wish you a lifetime full the adventure, midnight candy runs, dancing in the kitchen. All my love to you two.



Madeline Heising