9 Engagement Session Ideas for Adventurous Couples | Oregon Wedding Photographer


Engagement sessions are one of my absolute favorite parts of the wedding experience. Not only do we get to capture sweet photos outside of the wedding planning process, but it’s a chance to get comfortable in front of my cameras! Getting in front of a professional camera is nerve wracking. Like, what are hands for? Where do we look?

And I know it’s nerve racking to be in front of a camera — that’s why I love being BEHIND the camera in the first place! So I urge my couples to choose ACTIVITY BASED ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS. I write in all caps because I care y’all; this is important. An engagement session is a lot less scary when you’re hiking, canoeing, or bar crawling with your person. Yup, even a bar crawl is an activity or heck a bakery tour, coffee shop session, hanging out at home, the options are endless. I want to capture my couples’ normal, capture them doing life together, so I make sure they’re doing something they actually enjoy during our time together.

I’ve put together this list of 9 Engagement Session Ideas for Adventurous Couples from some of my favorite activities I’ve gotten to third-wheel on during engagement sessions. Which of these would you do? Or would you want to do something else? Comment below!

1 - Skiing Engagement Session

It may seem near impossible and let me say, there might be some bumps in the road (like when I thought I was going snow shoeing but couldn’t ride the ski lift without skis so we decided to go with a skiing photographer) but let’s get adventurous for your engagement session. Skiing is not out of the picture.


2- Camping Engagement Session

Lisa and Ryan mentioned that they loved visiting national parks and drinking whiskey so we planned to photograph their engagement session under the trees, sipping coffee by the fire and reminisce about previous hikes they’ve done. There are so many places, near and a bit further to have an adventurous camping engagement session.


3 - Canoeing Engagement Session

This is a great solution to the “where do I put my hands” question everyone has when they get in front of a camera, canoe! This is a perfect adventure engagement session idea, especially if you love being on the water. I’m even willing to risk my gear for your love of the canoe or kayak.


4 - Picnic on the Coast Engagement Session

Pack some cheese, maybe a bottle of champagne, some fruit and crackers and we can have a picnic for two plus me (#professionalthirdwheel). But seriously, your engagement session should be memorable for you to look back on and be reminded what your favorite things are at the this time of their life. A picnic on the coast is something to consider and if we want something more editorial, we can always add more props. Heck, even bring your dog with you!


5 - In-Home Engagement Session

This is the best option if for those wanting to capture moments of every day life with the one you love. Climbing a mountain, having a picnic on the coast or canoeing can be super romantic although staying inside can create just as much romance, trust me. This is also a great option for those seasons that being outside is not the best option (hello winter and humidity, we see you). Curl up in comfy clothes, cuddle with your love and let me capture this space and time of your life.


6 - Hiking Engagement Session

There are endless hiking options around and if hiking is your thing, let’s do it. Put on your best boots and we can capture your love for each other and the outdoors.


7 - Biking Engagement Session

Whether you have your own adorable bikes or want to rent some, biking together can create some special intimate moments along with displaying a childlike care-free attitude that might not naturally come across in your engagement session.


8 - Engagement Session with Your Dog

I mean, a dog is man’s best friend so why would we leave your best friend (second to your significant other obvi) at home? I welcome all furry friends to your adventurous engagement session.


9 - You Pick Engagement Session (Apples, Tulips, Christmas Trees, Berries, etc.)

Is there a tulip field you’ve always loved passing? Huge fan of apple picking in the fall? Is it a tradition to pick out and cut down your own Christmas tree every year? You do not need to do the traditional engagement session ideas, this is about you and your significant other so think of special events or traditions you both enjoy and let me be the third wheel, I promise it will be a blast!