Pauline and Justin's Adventurous Skiing Engagement Session | Oregon Wedding Photographer

Adventurous Skiing Engagement Session | Oregon Wedding Photographer

Pauline and Justin are getting married on Mt Washington this summer and spend their whole winters skiing together on the weekends, so it only made sense that we do the same for their engagement photos!! When we planned their adventurous skinning engagement session, I was planning on snow shoeing while they skied because….you know all the cameras. Only at the last minute, we found out that I couldn’t ride the on the lift without skis. So your girl made an executive decision to put on some freaking skis. I was NOT going to back down from this engagement session we’d been dreaming about for months. It ended up being more than fine, it was SO FUN Y’ALL!

We took the lift up a few times to get different angles, racing back down just for fun and found some trails where we’d kick off the skis for some photos. We even took an Après Ski break for beers and lunch, and ran back outside for a snowball fight before calling it a day.

I’m really excited to return to the mountain for their wedding, but this summer without having to ski!!!