Andrea and Michael's Gloucester Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


BUGS. I never seem to remember that bugs can be a problem at the beach. In my mind, bugs only live in the woods or on a farm. But despite this wishful thinking, last Friday night the flies (or were they gnats?) were out in Gloucester, but Andrea and Michael fended them off and we had the dreamiest beach engagement session. The good news was that the bugs only got pesky if you stood still, so the easy solution was to run around in the shallow water, dance in the sun, and climb all of the rocks. We just had to keep moving!

I met Andrea and Michael at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester in the early evening, and we wandered around the beach together before settling in at a spot for a champagne picnic. This beach had the low tide of my DREAMS. I'd read online that it could stretch out hundreds of feet out to a sandbar at low tide, but my imagination didn't even come close. The little grooves worn into the sand were like infinite tide pools, reflecting the light from the already spectacular sunset back up towards the sky. The effect on Andrea and Michael's photos was the dreamiest glow, the kind of light photographers would pay through the roof for if we could. 

Andrea and Michael, I had the best time exploring Wingaersheek with your two! Thank you for sharing this special spot with me. Flies and all, I wouldn't change a thing. It was amazing to hear about your ten years together, and the plans you have on the horizon. I loved your sense of adventure, and how excited y'all were to climb the rocks and run through the water with me! Now I know whatever weather comes our way for your wedding next March, springtime or a blizzard, we're going to have a blast. I can't wait!