Sarah and Cooper's Tulip Farm Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


Sarah and I first began emailing at the end of last fall about a simple idea-- snowy engagement photos. We live in New England, it snows a lot, so it should be easy to meet up on a snow day, right? Unfortunately this winter made that dream impossible. The storms were either so severe that we couldn't travel, or so mild that Sarah and Cooper couldn't get off work. Whatever happened to moderation, Boston? In the end, I'm glad our snow day plan didn't work out, because we got to visit the Wicked Tulips flower farm in Johnston, Rhode Island instead!

This farm is only open a few weeks per year in the spring when the tulips are in full bloom. Instead of emailing back and forth about snow forecasts, we now turned our full attention to the bloom forecast on the farm's website! The tulips bloomed late this year (see extreme winter mentioned above) but last Friday we FINALLY got to go! If you want to visit next year, make sure to get tickets in advance, they sell out super quickly. But all of our planning, emailing, and obsessive forecast watching was worth it because I couldn't imagine a more magical place for spring engagement photos. We wandered the five acres of tulips in the sun, picking our favorite stems and holding them in the most charming little baskets provided by the farms. We lounged in a field of Hyacinth, explored woodsy paths, and left with huge bouquets of the most gorgeous blooms I've ever seen.

Sarah and Cooper, I'm so thankful I got to experience this magical place with the two of you. Even though I breathed in more pollen than my Claritin could manage, I wouldn't trade this morning for anything. I love how goofy we could all be together, no matter how many people were around us or could hear us. You make each other laugh so easily, and it was a joy to see you explore this special place together. It was worth every email and forecast check :)