Alexa and Nate's Fall Brooklyn Engagement Session | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer | Madeline Rose Photography Co.

Moody Fall Brooklyn Engagement Session | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

These two are originally from New Hampshire­ although when Alexa had a last minute opportunity to move to New York for a job, they made the bold choice to move together and make it work. ­ That’s love guys!! They live in Brooklyn with their sweet kitty, Chickpea, and have spent the last two years falling in love with New York together. So it was obvious we had to take photos of these two in the city they love!

I was lucky enough to see them last June while I was visiting with a friend. We got rooftop rose and had a summer night you dream about in the dark middle of winter. I’m not sitting at my computer writing at 5 pm in the dark…thanks New England winter.

I was really excited to explore Brooklyn with them a bit later in the fall, and make some new memories in this special place.­ We met at the Butcher’s Daughter for lunch first, before winding our way down to Domino Park. You guys, this park is the spot for the sights.

Walking along the water, we wove our way into Williamsburg in search of all the best walls with one (or two) cocktail stops along the way. ­ We thought we had wrapped up although I had the idea to run down and take some photos in front of the subway cars as we passed a subway entrance. I actually yelled when I thought of it, and probably startled Alexa and Nate, but am SO glad they trusted my crazy idea because between the grainy black and white, the motion of the trains speeding by, and the wind in Alexa’s hair, these end up being some of my favorite shots of our day together. Check them out below!

We ended the night with the most delicious dinner at Juliette in Williamsburg and had the best time chatting about life, New York versus New England, and all of their exciting wedding plans for the Cobb Hill Estate in New Hampshire next fall!

Alexa and Nate, I feel like we’re old friends at this point. It was so special to see a slice of your life together in Brooklyn, and it meant the world to me to see you so excited for our photo session. You are the perfect balance of spontaneous and thoughtful and I can’t wait to throw down at your New Hampshire wedding next year!