Denzil and Lane's Downtown Elopement | Boston Wedding Photographer


If you write "Denzil" and "Lane" in a circle, their names combine to read "Eden" which they chose as their new last name. They forged their own rings, cut from the same piece of metal. Denzil wore blue. They got married and then graduated from Harvard Business School an hour later. Denzil and Lane are anything but ordinary, and their wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. I feel like I say this all the time now, but it's amazing just how personal weddings can be today. No tradition is kept for the sake of tradition, and you have the freedom to plan a day that feels like YOU. Denzil and Lane wanted a day that traced their history and honored their parents, and it was amazing to walk this journey with them and their families.

We started the day at 6am at their house near the Harvard Business School campus, and were able to fit in lots of coffee and cat snuggles before officially getting ready for the big day! Then Denzil and Lane's parents and siblings joined us so we could all pile into the limo and go to Flour, where these two had their first date so many years ago.  After breakfast we ran around MIT for portraits and then headed to Cambridge City Hall to get hitched. Because Denzil is a genius, her bouquet was made up of floral cake pops, and they brought bottles of bubbly with their own custom logo for the day. And the festivities were just beginning-- these two still had their Harvard Business School graduation at noon! We parted ways at the campus and met back up at Pabu in Downtown Crossing for their reception. They paired seven custom courses with cocktails to celebrate their seven years together, their new marriage, and their new graduate degrees. I got my start in food photography, so it was an extra special treat for me to photograph this gourmet meal. It also didn't hurt that Pabu is walking distance from my home in Beacon Hill!

Denzil and Lane, when you first told me you were getting married and graduating Harvard Business School in the same day, I knew I had two type-A planners on my hands. I knew every detail would be taken care of and meticulously thought through, but even I wasn't prepared for all of the emotion, gratitude, and thoughtfulness I experienced throughout your big day. I loved how you read your vows back and forth, instead of one after the other. You were already a team.  I love how you planned such a unique day, and still made sure that your families were honored every step of the way. I also love that you let me into your home at 6am, I can't say that's ever happened before! This was also my first seven course meal, and it meant the world to me to be included in the celebrations. Capturing this day for you was a true joy, and I can't wait to see what this next season has in store for the two of you. Now go conquer the world, married people!


Wedding Bands: New York Wedding Rings (seee the actual rings they forged on their instagram hereHH Jewelry (Denzil's ring on instagram here)
Cake: Soul Cake Shop
Cake Pops & other edible accessories: Luna Sweets (Her Instagram posts: Cake PopsCake Pops 2Throne ChairsThe D&L Letters)
Wedding Sign: IlluminatedDreamz
Bridal Attire: Tadashi Shoji, Tinley Gown
Venue: Pabu

Madeline Heising