Sam and Tieg's Carson Beach Engagement Session | Boston Engagement Photographer

The first thing Tieg said to me was that Sam's dress was Dorne-inspired, and that she could have been a sand snake. It was with this one Game of Thrones reference that Sam and Tieg won me over. We spent the evening exploring the smaller coves of Carson Beach, discovering hoards of sea glass (insert dragonglass joke here), getting to know each other, and of course, taking photos. 


I loved hearing how Sam and Tieg had danced around each other for years, growing up near each other, have friends in the same circles, and occasionally sharing rides home, until the day they looked at each other differently and began to fall in love. Theirs is a everywhere-is-a-dancefloor, weak-in-the-knees, swoon-worthy kind of love. It was a joy to meet them and an absolute blast to photograph their engagement. All my love to you two, your wedding weekend in Florida next year is going to be one hell of a celebration!

Madeline Heising