Annie And Phuong's Joshua Tree Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer


When I first talked to Annie and Phuong, they didn't want to bother with engagement photos at all. But then Annie mentioned they would be going to Coachella in April. Well, I was planning to go on vacation in Palm Springs in April anyways, how about we make it the same week and I'll meet y'all there. Cool? Cool. So in the span of five minutes we went from no engagement photos, to the adventurous Joshua Tree engagement session of my dreams. Because sometimes life is just too good. 

It was not nearly as warm as we thought it was going to be (a fluke cold front dropped the temps from the 80s to the upper 50s) but it was still waaaaaay warmer than Boston in April, so we were thrilled. Gusts of wind and all. We started at the North Entrance and drove to Hidden Valley, which isn't too deep in the park. But it's one of my favorite spots for photos because it as a little bit of everything, from giant rocks to climb and flat sandy areas full of Joshua Trees. The harsh light is completely different from my usual landscapes here in New England, and we had a blast soaking it all in.

Annie and Phuong, you're the best for making this whole "cross country engagement session" thing work. It still doesn't feel real! But I loved getting to know you and your friends while running around the desert, wrapped up in blankets, drinking rosé and trying to keep out of the wind. I can't WAIT for your distillery wedding in May.