Erica and Caleb's Autumnal Larz Anderson Park Elopement | Boston Wedding Photographer


Condensation was starting to drip down the sides of the four bottles of rose cider set on the stone bench. The heat of the Indian Summer made the air thick, as warm as the colors of the changing leaves. I could hear laughing in the distance, families picnicking and kids chasing after each other. Music played off an iPhone speaker. But in front of me were Erica and Caleb, sharing their intimate first dance. Completely wrapped up in each other, no one else existed in the world for those three minutes. They swayed with the music, somehow perfectly in step and out of step at the same time. Outbursts of pure joy peppered the slow, quiet song, and their dance moves turned into fast spins, spontaneous leaps and the loudest laughter. These two could not stop smiling. They did it, they eloped!

The way Erica and Caleb care for each other is clear from the moment you meet them. One always has the other in mind, and clearly derive so much joy from being partners. Teammates, for life. I was able to keep a dry eye during the ceremony until the officiant, their dear friend Becky, asked them for a joint vow after each declaring their own. "Will you write your story together, bring out the best in one another, share your happiest moments together, and love each other absolutely — from today until the end of days?" I can't imagine two better people to write their story together, especially when it begins on an autumn afternoon with almond poppyseed cake.

Erica and Caleb, thank you for letting my play a small part in your big adventure together. I will always remember browsing the Brookline Booksmith with you two during your engagement session. When the kindest stranger congratulated you two, then looking at me, noted, "And what better place to document love, than where all the stories are held?" I hope when you look back at these photos, you can hear you own voices echoing "I love you and I like you" that day in Larz Anderson Park. I hope you remember the way the trees swayed, the way the sunset glowed, and the way your hands felt in each others, proudly displaying your new wedding rings. I wish you two a lifetime of joy, happiness, and Dr. Who marathons. 

All my love and more,

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