Theresa and Kyle Boston's North Shore Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer

Dramatic and Moody Outdoorsy Engagement Session | Boston Wedding Photographer

When brainstorming with Theresa and Kyle, they said they wanted to go somewhere that had the feel of Maine for a summertime warm coastal engagement session…without the six hour drive. So we went to Halibut Point State Park in Gloucester­. This was my first time to this state park and fell in love at first sight. Just like love should be.­

To warm us up for the engagement session and get to know each other, we took the opportunity to stroll around Gloucester, grab iced coffees, hunt for good records, books, and bask in the indian summer. This is the best way to add variety to an engagement session. You get both the coastal, outdoorsy engagement photos and then also the urban downtown engagement photos.­ Win Win.

After exploring downtown Gloucester, we drove to Halibut Point State Park which has a bit of everything, some woods, a reservoir, and rocky shores along the coast.­ A quick change second outfit change at the park and we were ready to roll for all the summertime coastal north shore vibes.­

Theresa and Kyle, I had so much fun exploring Gloucester with you. Everything in Halibut Point State Park was so beautiful and new to all of us that we were like a group of kids who couldn’t decide on which game to start playing first. My time with you brought back my favorite childhood memories and felt like we’ve known each other forever.­ My favorite part during your engagement session was right at the very end— sitting on the rocks by the ocean, listening to the waves crash and watching the spectacular sunset. We don’t get a ton of noteworthy sunsets in New England, but this one was one for the books.